Vision Board Examples: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Are you trying to create a good vision board for yourself? What a great idea! Manifesting your goals will happen so much faster if you use a vision board. This article is going to go provide some vision board examples both on and offline.

What Is Your Dream?

What Is Your Dream?

Vision Board Examples: The Poster Vision Board

The poster vision board is probably the most common type. It is created by purchasing a large poster board and obtaining lots of pictures from magazines or online. After selecting the pictures which clearly represent your vision, you cut and paste them into relevant sections of the poster board.

It is recommended to organize your goals so that similar categories are nested together. For example, if you are seeking to become more financially prosperous keep everything about money in one section of the board. You would have all your pictures about relationships in another section of the board. Health could have its own location and so on.

Choose pictures which are exciting and upbeat to you. The following are two pictures of vision board examples from the book, “The Vision Board,” found on Amazon by clicking on link to the right.

You can add wording around the pictures on your vision board, which reinforces their message. For example, let’s say you want to create a vision board about falling in love and getting married. You go online and find pictures that look like a person you might want to marry. You find pictures of a wedding event, the clothes you would like to wear and the limousine you would enjoy riding in on that day.

Magic Markers

Magic Markers

You find a location on your vision board and paste those pictures in that section. Then you get a magic marker in a bright color that is legible and write down words which reinforce your goal such as, “I am now marrying the partner of my dreams.”

Vision Board Examples: The Online Vision Board

There are ways to create a vision board online, which will play back on your computer like a multimedia extravaganza complete with music, floating pictures and a beautiful background. I have been using such software for a while and love it.

I created this Vision Board using this software.

To create a vision board like this go to this link.

The biggest benefit I find with this software is that even if I skip looking at it, the images from my vision board will pop up on my computer all the while I am sitting there. It is so wonderful to watch in the morning or evening when I have time, like a mental cocktail complete with music and inspirational pictures floating in front of me.

Click here to see more vision board examples.

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